Small Businesses Shipping to China

urlWith the emergence of Alibaba, the e-commerce platform in China, more and more companies in the United States want to sell their products to China. For small businesses, exporting your products to China could face several roadblocks beyond the ocean freight-shipping rate. Many small businesses lack the understanding for proper warehousing and hiring logistics people who work in China.

That is where e-commerce platform Export Now comes into the picture. The company was founded in 2012 as a way for small businesses to sell their products to China at a low cost. Frank Levin, the chief executive, was recently interviewed in the New York Times regarding the beginning of his company. Their plan, which allowed small businesses to sell their products to China on the Export Now platform, originally included low prices to attract small businesses. The problem: these small businesses were non-committal and contained no serious strategy for shipping with China. Today, Export Now has revamped their platform to provide personalized e-commerce stores for large US companies, like the National Football League, to ship their products to China.

China is a market that small businesses must always consider. And somehow taping into that market should be priority for many small businesses. The truth is that small businesses can look beyond e-commerce platforms when shipping to China. Small businesses can also work with a trusted freight forwarder who can provide outstanding expertise for shipping containers to China. They can also give the best rate possible for shipping LCL or FCL.

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