The Commodity that the US Exports More than Imports

1408772947be8wyPoultry, the second most popular type of meat in the world, is a major factor in US international trade. Despite the growing US trade deficit, in which the US imports more than exports, poultry is a commodity that bucks that trend. In fact, the US exports poultry more than imports it. This includes turkeys, chickens and eggs. In 2014, the US exported $4.9 billion worth of poultry. Shippers, eager to send this commodity from the US, worked with trusted freight forwarders. Meanwhile, imported poultry into the US only exceeded $218 million. That is a huge gap between the exports and the imports.

According to Zepol, 152 nations want the poultry from the US. The three biggest destinations include Mexico, Canada and China. Russia used to be a major destination for US poultry, but then last year issued a sanction against US food. The good news is that the lack of cargo to Russia barely hurt US shippers. In the future, it seems that a bird flu scare is forcing some nations to reject poultry from the US. A stronger US dollar is also hurting future exports. That explains why the US is trying to get other nations, like South Africa, to consider receiving poultry from the US.

The total value of US exported poultry has been steady since 2012. The value was only $3 billion in 2007. Receiving an ocean freight shipping quote for poultry should be simple to do. After all, if the market holds up, poultry exports are in for another big year.

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