The Need to Trade with Africa

africa40 out of the 47 heads of African nations attended the 2014 US-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington during August. A main purpose of the Summit was to strengthen the political and economic ties between the United States and trading partners in the different countries in Africa.

Most economists agree that the time is right for expanding business and trade with Africa. Whether a business imports or exports, this is a great time to ship ocean freight with Africa. During the past few years, several African nations gained tremendous economic traction in the global market. Overall, Africa boasts stronger economies, increased investments and new businesses. There is a trade agreement in place for duty free products from several sub-Saharan nations. Nigeria and South Africa are the two largest economies in Africa. Both of them have growing GDPs.

The business opportunities in Africa are endless. For example, Cameroon has a $2 Billion partnership opportunity on the table. That is one of the many examples of possible business development in Africa. China and Japan are both taking advantage of business opportunities win Africa. What about the United States?

It would be great if the leaders in the United States would take more action to ensure more trade with Africa. For businesses in the United States who want to trade with a nation in Africa, it would be beneficial to speak with a freight forwarder who is experienced with shipping to Africa and has great shipping rates. They can provide a winning shipping plan that works well with the economic growth in Africa.

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