The Roadblock for Construction Equipment in Africa

cat machineThe situation in West Africa regarding the Ebola outbreak is getting worse. This is an epidemic that has plagued thousands of victims. The United States and other nations have sent humanitarian aid to help the victims. Everyday, there are international shipments of supplies sent to Africa, including health items and beds. The problem: these important supplies are not reaching the communities in Africa in time.

As you are reading this article, there are containers full of important supplies that are still at the ports in Africa. The major reason for the transit delay of supplies in Africa is because the roads are in bad shape. Most of the poorly treated roads exist in the African nations of Sierra Leone and Liberia. These roads are in dire need of repairs immediately. And there are treatment centers for Ebola in West Africa that need to be constructed immediately. To accomplish the repairs and construction, there needs to be an influx of construction equipment in Africa. But this brings us back to our first problem: the shipping delays.

As with any situation of exporting heavy machinery, negotiations with contractors can take some time. And a study found that transit times to Africa are 10 days longer than the worldwide average.

For those companies that want to get their construction equipment to Africa, it would be wise to work with a trusted freight forwarder who has great experience when it comes to shipping construction equipment to Africa. Hopefully, the supplies and equipment makes it into Africa to help the victims.

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