Truck Driver Logging Rules

truckCarriers and freight forwarders strongly support measures to improve the safety of transportation vehicles on the road. That is why the shipping industry uses logbooks to track how many hours each truck driver is on the road at a given time. The National Transportation Safety Board mandates the usage of a logbook. Truck drivers are required by law to be accurate and honest in the logbook. They must accurately write their locations in the logbook, as well as their times on the road and when they are off duty. Further more, the logs include space for writing the name of their carrier and there is a graph grid to fill out. Last year, the Federal Government enforced a new hours of service rules. The requirements state that a trucker can only spend a maximum of 11 hours on the road, only following a break of a minimum of 10 hours. Breaking this law can result in prosecution.

There is news of a truck driver in Illinois who claims that he was forced by his trucking company to forge his logbooks. He claims that he was driving almost twice as many hours as legally allowed and his company wanted him to lie. Meanwhile, it seems that the Federal Motor Carrier Administration has already cited the company in the past with the issue.

In the future, the trucking industry might see a required electronic log for the drivers to fill out. If this becomes reality, there could be an immediate impact on shipping freight by truck.

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