Trucking Shipment Thefts Decline

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe big risk that companies take with shipping freight by truck is with the possibility of theft. However, the Journal of Commerce reported on a study from CargoNet that trucking theft of cargo declined by 23% last year. Essentially, the number of times that cargo was reported stolen to CargoNet is down. In 2014, 844 incidents were reported. An average year sees over 1100 theft incidents.

At first look, something must be attributing to the decline in trucking freight thefts. Companies that were theft targets in the past are ramping up their security efforts. In addition, many states are passing laws with stricter criminal penalties for cargo theft. Nationally, more laws against this type of theft might lower the number of incidents.

While the number of reported incidents declined in 2014, the value of each theft increased to $181,000 each and $90 million overall. In actuality, the FBI says that billions are stolen from trucks every year. However many companies, eager to avoid insurance hikes, never report some incidents. The commodity that thieves target the most on trucks is electronics. Florida and California are the two states with the most trucking theft. For thieves, the easiest target to go after is a truck that is unmanned because the truck driver has stepped away for a short time, or the cargo on the truck is waiting in an insecure warehouse.

Beyond this important report, trucking theft can occur to anyone. If you are concerned about the safety of your shipment, then you should contact your trusted freight forwarder.

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