Types of Shipping Containers

ocean containersWhen shipping an ocean freight container, you should keep in mind that not all containers are alike. There are many different types of containers in the shipping world. The sooner that a shipper can gain an understanding of the types of containers, the easier the shipping process will be come.

First, when you ask for a container shipping rate, it is important to know what size container that you are requesting. The two most popular sizes of containers are 20 foot and 40 foot. Choosing one depends almost entirely on the amount of cargo you have. The 40 foot container will almost certainly cost more, but if the shipment needs the added space, then it is needed.

Beyond the size of the container, there are also other types of containers. An open top container lacks a roof, although there is usually a canvas for covering from the weather. The open top container is ideal for cargo that can be loaded easier from the top, like heavy machinery.

A reefer container is used for shipping commodities that requires controlled temperatures. Certain types of food can be an example.

The flat rack container is unique in that there are only two sidewalls and the two other sides are missing. This container is good for shipments that are too big for a standard container.

And finally, there is also the high cube container. This container has an extra foot of height for those shipments that need the space.

Speak to your trusted freight forwarder to see which container will work best for your shipment.

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