Ukraine’s Famous Air Cargo Planes

air cargoAirfreight shipping plays a bigger role in the transportation of goods than most people would think. For some nations, the heart of trade is with air cargo that gets transported across the borders. One of those nations is the Ukraine. Their capital of Kiev was the proud home of the Antonov Company that produced the world’s largest transport airplanes. These aircrafts were so powerful that they beat numerous world records. In addition, these Antonov airplanes were used for transporting Ukraine’s most popular commodity – weapons.

From rockets to battle tanks and more, Ukraine ranked as a top 10 weapons exporter for numerous years. Long after the Soviet Union collapse, the Ukraine entered the world’s stage as a leading arms exporter to numerous nations like China, Pakistan and Russia. Thanks to this, Ukraine’s economy thrived and their manufacturing industry grew. It was said that between 4%-7% of Ukraine’s arms were shipped by freight to Russia. In 2013, about 15% of the weapons went to Russia. This was part of a record year of $2 Billion in global arms exports from the Ukraine.

The New York Times reports that all of that changed in 2014. The conflict with Russia ended the arms sales to Russia and crippled the industry. The International Monetary Fund says that Ukraine’s economy shrunk and their famous Antonov factory is no longer producing their world famous airplanes.

Those companies that ship goods to or from the Ukraine and are concerned about the impact of the conflict should speak to a trusted freight forwarder for the best logistics advice.

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