US Auto Exports Earn New Record

file000417779480The auto industry is rejoicing over recent news that US auto exports reached a new record of 2.1 million in 2014. The 2.1 million cars represent about 18% of all new cars manufactured in the US last year. The Wall Street Journal reports that this marks the third year in a row that US auto exports reached a new record and first time the number toped over 2 million. In addition, the number of US exports has more than doubled since 2009. Back in 2009, the US auto industry was impacted form the recession. The industry has seen a revival since then.

The 2.1 million exported cars include US-owned companies like Ford, who are producing sports-utility vehicles sent to Asia and the Middle East. However, a big reason for the record export of cars includes vehicles from foreign-owned automobile plants in the US. These plants, owned by foreign companies, were originally built for US consumers. Now they are also shipping cars made in the US to overseas ports. Examples of companies include Toyota, Honda, BMW and Nissan.

There are several reasons behind the new record. The US welcomes low cost car manufacturing due to competitive wages, efficient plants and low international car transportation rates. About half of all US vehicle exports are currently shipped to Canada and Mexico. However, other nations like China, Saudi Arabia and South Korea are emerging as top destinations. With export demand anticipated to grow in 2015, BMW is slated to invest about $1 billion in new plants to increase productivity.

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