Vessel with Construction Equipment Stranded at Sea

url-1It is a tough sight to see when an ocean vessel becomes stranded. However, it is tough to ignore when the vessel is so close to shore. When the Hoegh Osaka, a vessel created in Singapore in 2000, left the Port of Southampton in England, it ran into a problem. The ship caught a tough angle and slanted to one side. Now it appears that the ship was run aground and stranded. The location on incident is the Solent, just off of Isle of the Wright in England. All of the crew members on board the vessel were safely rescued. A salvage operation is now underway to check out the cargo on board and to deal with the ongoing safety issues such as fuel. Investigators admit that it will be difficult to get the ship up and running again.

This is not your ordinary ship transporting containers. This was a RO/RO (Roll-On/Roll-Off) vessel. It was reported that over 1200 cars were onboard the Hoegh Osaka when it was stranded at sea, including many new European luxury vehicles. In addition to the cars, this vessel actively conducted heavy machinery shipping. 105 pieces of heavy machinery were on the vessel when the incident occurred. Most of the vehicles were 50-tonne and 33-tonne tracked excavators. These machines were exports to the Middle East.

It is anticipated that the construction equipment received harsh damage as a result of the incident. If you ship heavy machinery, it is important to make sure that your freight forwarder has you covered in case the same incident were to occur to your shipment.

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