What is NMFC Freight Class?

truckWhen you receive an LTL freight shipping quote, there are numerous factors that will contribute to the price. One major factor is the NMFC freight class. NMFC stands for National Motor Freight Classification. The National Motor Freight Traffic Association organizes this system. The purpose of the NFMC freight class system is for the standardization of national shipping prices in trucking. And the purpose of the National Motor Freight Traffic Association is for trucking research and development to improve the transportation experience.

Now that it is known that NMFC freight classes are important pricing factors, there are also certain factors that contribute to the type of NMFC class selected. The commodity and the density divide the different classes. Density is the weight per cubic foot. Other factors include the weight, length, height, the stow-ability, the liability and the specific care needed.

There are 18 NMFC freight classes listed. The classes range from class 50, which is for standard items that can fit on the pallet (and cost less) from class 500, which can be for bags of valuables (and cost the most). If there are several different types of products on a pallet, then they might also require different codes. There is also Freight All Kinds (FAK), which is a combination of NMFC classes for all of the cargo that you are shipping.

At any point during the transportation process, if you are unaware of your freight class, then that is okay. Simply ask your trusted freight forwarder and they will help determine what your freight class should be. Once you gain an understanding of these freight classes, then the entire shipping process will also be easier to understand.

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