What Supply Chains Are Thankful For

thankful supply chainsAs we head into the holiday season, and companies are gearing up for a busy time of the year, it is important to take break and reflect on everything that these companies have to be thankful for. Despite any hardships, many supply chains should be thankful for the positions that they are in.

The supply chains in the US and around the World have advanced tremendously. More supply chains now are organized properly and being efficient with their protocols. Supply chains are relying on new technologies to receive freight shipments quotes, and to track the progress of their products. These companies are using WIFI and mobile devices to effectively measure their ROI. Decades ago, supply chains did not have such technologies. In addition, companies today are part of vast industry organizations that represent their needs everyday.

More importantly, supply chains should be thankful to work with reliable and knowledgeable freight forwarders. These logistics providers are able to offer great transportation services for ocean, air, rail and trucking. By working with a freight forwarder, a company can limit their shipping risks, cut costs and save time. In turn, the freight forwarders are also thankful that they are able to help improve supply chains, and in turn, improve our economy.

While the times have not been perfect for supply chains, and there could be some roadblocks in the future, it seems that with Thanksgiving here, it would appropriate for supply chains to be thankful to all of their vendors, partners and of course all of their loyal customers. Because without their customers, it seems that the supply chains would not be where they are today.

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