When a Trucking Company Breaks Safety Rules

TruckDriverShippers and freight forwarders only want to work with carriers who implement standards to ensure the safe transportation of cargo. They also want carriers who pose a threat to public safety to remain off the roads until the carrier ensures better safety standards by following the rules of the road. That would be the case of the Lonnie Roth trucking company out of South Dakota. According to the Department of Transportation, this company performed reckless disregard for safety rules. At the end of 2014, this trucking company was ordered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to cease all trucking operations due to safety violations. This includes the loss of a commercial trucking license. According to federal records, this carrier posed an “imminent hazard” to public safety.

According to a federal investigation, this trucking company broke many laws to achieve such a lethal status. First, this company did not follow the new hours of service rules, which all trucking companies must follow. Then, the company did not perform drug testing. And to make matters worse, a trucker, Lonnie Roth, drove a truck while over the legal alcohol level.

This company cannot transport cargo or operate a commercial vehicle while this order is in effect. However, in January 2015, while the order was in effect, Roth illegally operated his vehicle against the federal orders. Further action from the Federal Government could be taken against this company.

We all want shipping freight by truck to be safe, which is why it is important to ensure that the companies ignoring the safety rules are kept off the roads.

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