When Political Protests Block Cargo Ships

block the boat coalitionUsually shippers who are focused on their international freight shipments stay out of worldwide political issues, unless those issues impact their cargo or their ocean freight rates. For example, a major political issue in the news regards the Middle East conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians. Some shippers might look at this news and realize that the conflict has little to do with their shipments, but it turns out there might be something important that could impact shipments in the US.

Recently, Pro-Palestinian protesters have been gathering at major shipping ports on the US West Coast. Their goals, beyond making a political statement, are to block freight from Zim Integrated Shipping Services and to keep the cargo away from the port. Zim Integrated Shipping Services is the largest ocean carrier in Israel. Although there were strong protests against the Zim Haifa at the Port of Los Angeles, there was no major work stoppage. A similar protest occurred at the Port of Tacoma’s United Terminal gates. However, dockworkers were able to go to the terminal by traveling through a different route.

The big protest occurred against a Zim ship at the Port of Oakland. The group of hundreds of Pro-Palestinian protesters, called the Block the Boat coalition, prevented a vessel from docking and unloading for an entire weekend. This created somewhat of a shipping delay.

Preventing a ship from releasing their cargo can have a negative impact on the world economy. If you are concerned that these protests could delay your shipments, speak to your helpful freight forwarder.

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