When Ships Collide

urlIt is not often when there is a viral video about international shipping that is popular across the Internet, but when it does occur, you know that it has to be pretty extraordinary. This is the case for a late September 2014 video featuring the collision of 2 ocean freight vessels. And you can be sure that leaders from ocean carriers and freight forwarders saw this popular video.

The collision occurred on a weekday at the Suez Canal in Egypt. As it is well know, this is a major route for worldwide cargo. Involved in this incident were 2 ships – the MV Colombo Express, which came from the Mediterranean Sea, and the MV Maersk Tanjong. The MV Colombo Express was experiencing some technical difficulties with their rudder. And since the rudder helps with steering, the crew had problems steering the ship as it collided.

The good news is that no physical injuries were sustained from the collision. However, there was a wide impact. The MV Colombo Express received a dent on the ship and lost four containers in the ocean. Both ships were towed to safety after the incident. And worst of all, severe delays results in both directions at the Suez Canal. These delays lasted for hours and impacted shipments around the world. It really makes you think that the next time you ship ocean containers, something like this could in theory occur to your shipment. Hopefully, the shippers involved have some insurance or a backup plan to deal with the aftermath.

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