Why Ports Have Different Paperwork Requirements for Heavy Machinery?

paperworkGoing through the trouble of transporting construction equipment overseas goes way beyond finding the right heavy machinery shipping rate for your budget. There are certain shipping requirements that must be fulfilled. One of those vital requirements includes providing the original bill of sale (or the invoice) for the machine at the port for export. This is a mandatory requirement that US Customs enforces. For cars, the required document is the title of the car.

The bill of sale, or invoice, is a written document and acts as evidence of the transfer of construction equipment. It is provided from the seller and includes the date and the sales price. The requirements for the bill of sale include the serial number, that the document is notarized and to ensure that everything has been paid for already.

Beyond the original bill of sale, the shipping ports usually require copies of this document. For cars, they require both sides of the title. However, US Customs lacks a universal standard for the copies. Some ports want the papers copies and others are satisfied with the digital copies. The exact number of paper copies of the bill of sale can vary by port. For example, the Port of New York requires 6 copies, the port of Jacksonville requires 5 copies and the port of Savannah requires 4 copies.

To make sure that you have met the paperwork requirements for each port, you should work with a trusted freight forwarder who has great experience of exporting construction equipment from various US ports. That way, you can avoid any type of confusion or mistakes, and your machine will ship smoothly to the destination.

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