Will the Real Authentic Products Please Stand Up?

knock-off-or-knockout_largeAs numerous companies worked with their freight forwarders to ensure that their authentic products are shipped from overseas to the US in time for the holiday shopping season, it seems that other companies are trying to cheat the system. Every year, there are numerous knockoff products that make their way to the shelves of US retail stores during the holiday shopping season. US Immigration and Customs agents confiscate over $1 Billion worth of fake items annually. The majority of these fake retail products are imported from nations in the Far East, such as China, and they arrive in the US at the popular ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

It makes sense for the US Government to go after the fake products. These counterfeit items hurt real companies, impact the US tax revenue and threaten the US economy. This year, US federal agents will continue to track down and seize millions of dollars worth of knockoff retail goods. The list includes electronics, clothes and toys.

It seems that today the knockoff companies are becoming tech savvy and going beyond retail stores to push their fake products. Knockoffs are being sold online and then shipped to consumers individually. The Wall Street Journal reported over 60,000 websites selling fake UGG boots.

Hopefully officials can ensure that fake products stay off the market. It is unfair to consumers who are being tricked into buying fake products. And it is unfair for the ocean freight shipping industry for being taken advantage of by these fake product companies.

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